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A few questions

Hi! I'm new to the list, and I've got a few questions to ask:

1) I've recently seen illustrations in which Lambeosaurus lambei and L. magnicristatus have been shown to be female and male of the same species. Is this generally accepted?
2) There has been speculation that Lurdusaurus has a body form that is convergent with the ground sloths. Any good reconstructions to illustrate this?
3) What is the current taxonomic status of the giant caenagnathid? Is it Chirostenotes pergracilis, a new species of Chirostenotes or a new genus?
4) How does Chirostenotes pergracilis appear different from C. sternbergi?
5) What formation is Gryposaurus latidens from? I've tried searching, but all I can find is that it was from the Early Campanian of Montana
6) Are there any good restorations of the many species of Monoclonius? And what is Monoclonius exactly? A valid centrosaurine genus related to Centrosaurus, a genus closer to Einiosaurus, or is it merely a mixture of assorted ceratopsid bones?
7) Is there any news on the carcharodontosaurine that is supposedly larger than Giganotosaurus?
8) Just what is Sandy? Is it a Pachycephalosaurus, a Stygimoloch, or a new genus?
9) I understand that Ornatotholus browni is now a species of Stegoceras, and that S. brevis and S. edmontonensis are now species of Prenocephale. Why the sudden change? And how are these related to Tylocephale and Gravitholus? All these small pachycephalosaurids look quite similar to me.

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