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Re: A few questions

Hi! I'm new to the list, and I've got a few questions to ask:

Welcome. Howdy.

4) How does Chirostenotes pergracilis appear different from C. sternbergi?

I believe that C. pergracilis has a more slender jaw like the Sandy Site oviraptorosaur.

6) Are there any good restorations of the many species of Monoclonius? And
what is Monoclonius exactly? A valid centrosaurine genus related to
Centrosaurus, a genus closer to Einiosaurus, or is it merely a mixture of
assorted ceratopsid bones?

A recent post to the DML seems to indicate that it is a juvenile of another centrosaurine genus.

7) Is there any news on the carcharodontosaurine that is supposedly larger
than Giganotosaurus?

I've not heard anything new.

Nick Gardner

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