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Re: How did you become "Paleo Artist?"

From: "SCHMIDT" <ashmidt@flash.net>

So my question is what kind of classes did you take to develop your >drawing and painting skills, especially in rendering living creatures?

I've never taken any, personally. Hope it doesn't show. :P But seriously, I think the best thing you can do in order to improve your drawing skills is to simply keep drawing. You don't need someone telling you "this is how to draw a tree" or "this is how to paint a cow." Try it first for yourself, and I'm sure you'll improve with time (kinda like wine!).

I doubt that I have the skill to do a whole lot, though I've drawn >dinosaurs since I was a little kid, but its something which might be >fun to learn even if it doesn't lead to a career.

That's why do it - for fun! The extra benefits ($$$) will come into the picture somewhere down the line.

Jordan Mallon


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