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Re: New dinosaur finds revealed: "unicorn" horned dinosaur; Brachylophosaurus mummy

> New species of Pachycephalosaurus from Alberta:
> http://www.canada.com/edmonton/story.asp?id={E3DEABE4-EF6F-
> 40BE-AC1A-C77B3C0AB006}
> It took awhile but I finally got to the article. I had to go to
> www.canada.com, then do a search for dinosaurs, but I got there.
> And hey, that's MY DRAWING! They colorized it but it's mine. I did that
> about 10 years ago! (It's on my web site). Ha Mike S, you aren't the only
> one who has their stuff in newspaper articles (ok, it is out of date but
> hey, they used it).

*** partial transcript of secretly recorded phone conversation. . .
H. Simpson: " Ssooo Tracy, did you get the Canadians to ante up
a hefty million bucks for the re-use of your artwork in the article?"
T. Ford: " D'ohhh!!"

:o)  Mike S.