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Re: How did you become "Paleo Artist?"

Hi all, I'm going to be starting my third college semester this fall and am thinking that an art or drawing class would be a good option.  So my question is what kind of classes did you take to develop your drawing and painting skills, especially in rendering living creatures? 
Hi Jonathan,
I'm an amateur for only one year or so. I got some evening artistic lessons in a local culture center, and I begun to draw dinosaurs after watching WWD on tv. IMHO, it's not more difficult than wildlife art or good comic-strips (see William Stout or Brett Booth, they also do both). Some skeletal reconstructions, some photos of skels and skulls displayed in museums (OK they aren't always accurate, but they always give an idea of the _volume_), a look at living animals, and HP Tracy Ford's "How to Draw Dinosaurs", and you're ready to begin a lot of sketches and to draw accurate life reconstructions. As HP Christopher Srnka wrote, find yourself your style (check the archives about Raul Martin's website:-)) and try sometimes to show your drawings to specialists (I had this opportunity for _Paralititan_, it was a very nice experience).
Also I know it is extremely hard to make a living as an artist let alone a prehistoric life artist so what else do those of you who draw do for a living?
I currently have another job, and I'm drawing the WE  and during the holidays :-)
Are there job openings at museums for people to draw or paint murals, descriptions etc for exhibits?  
Somethin' I'll also have to see for myself... IMHO don't hurry up. Good paleoartists will find their way. And don't forget contests, like Lourinha.
Friendly - Luc J. "Aspidel" BAILLY