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Re: Vestigial Arms (was: Theropod limbs - how mobile?)

> Here is how I picture tyrannosaurids using their arms for intraspecific
> combat. The claws are pointed inward, and very little (if any) forearm
> rotation is necessary.
> http://homepage.mac.com/john_conway/tyrannosaurus-armwrestle.jpg

But it requires a lot more rotation in the shoulder joint than was possible
according to the paper. At least the left wrist of the left one is flexed
too far, and what are the big, pointed claws good for? -- And were they
capable of standing so upright? BTW, from guessing the size of the coracoids
in your drawing, it looks like you made the entire arms as thick as the
bones are :-)

HP no go wrote:

> I'm not so sure how useful exactly Tyrannosaurid forelimbs are in the
> offence, prehaps unless T.rex could swashbuckle and spin through the air
> like Master Yoda while engaging prey.