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Theropods/pterosaurs -- pollinators?

   With the growing number of feathered theropods, and the questions precipitated about size and diets, it is interesting to consider if the small taxa, and similarly-sized pterosaurs in the heavily canopied rainforests and broad-leaved evergreen woodlands, were pollinators. They could, as well, have been competing for nutrients in nectar with the flying social (and not-so-social) insects. A small, hungry theropod (say, roughly crow-sized) would eat  the insects and nectar if other prey was not readily available.
    A book, which should be in the library of all dinosaur students, is:
    Lars Chittka & J.D. Thomson, eds., 2001. Cognitive ecology of pollinators: animal behavior and floral evolution (Cambridge University Press), 344pp.