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RE: bird feet

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Subject: bird feet

Hey all,

I'm doing a brief study on bird feet to help me with my dino-illustrations.
If anyone has any good digital photos of bird feet (particularly of the
tarsal scutes), could they please send 'em this way for my own personal

Jordan Mallon


AIM: jslice mallon

I recommend:

Kochan, Jack B., 1994, Birds, Feet & Legs: Stackpole books, 81 pp. ISBN

This is part of a series of books on illustrating birds. I found it when I
was in Mesa Arizona used book store (Bookmans). It's a really good book.
I've been meaning to post this on the DML but, life happens, you
forget...Also the following...

Kochan, Jack B., 1995, Birds, Bills & Mouth: Stackpole books, 81 pp. ISBN

Kochan, Jack B., 1996, Birds, Wings & Tails: Stackpole books, 88 pp. ISBN

There's one more, Heads & Eyes, but I don't have that one.

Tracy L. Ford
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