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Large man-sized KT dromies

Ugh, I finally had the honour to see a rather dubious Discovery documentry on Horner's T.rexes... Though the graphics and animation were great (despite some rather disturbing behaviour of Edmontosaurus largely ignoring a striding T.rex in their vicnity), the scavenger arguments were pretty, not to say the less, propangadic in format and mainly a rehash of Mr. Horner's old points as done in "The Ultimate Guide: T.rex" Except with the opposing paleontologist conveniently removed and much more cooperative documentry producers to present his hypothesis as the final word in the matter, spices with grandose proclaimations of "The idea of the Tyrant Lizard King is now challanged" To give the impression that Tyrannosaurus rex was a hundredly assuredly and provedly a scavenger. All said and done, "The Ultimate Guide: T.rex" is almost certainly a more informative and scientific piece of documentry production then what I just witnessed.

Now with my whimsical grumblings on the grave "injustice" done to our theropod friend done, I shall now ask my question. In the final scene where they showed a "mean and stinky" T.rex chasing other predators from a kill, which no doubt happened quite often, the predators in this case appeared to be man-sized dromies. I am not too clear on this, but aren't the dromies that existed in T.rexes' time quite a bit smaller then that? Or were they beefed up to make the idea of killing a 5-ton Triceratops feasible? Am I missing something?

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