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RE: Cuteness

On Sun, 19 May 2002, Michael de Sosa wrote:
> Allen Edels wrote:
> >There are a few “baby” ceratopsians.
> >
> >There is a growth series of _Protoceratops_ from around 20” long to full
> grown (7-8 feet) on
> >display at AMNH (NYC).  These included many specimens.  Also, I saw a small
> _Bagaceratops_
> >specimen once (probably mostly reconstructed).   I’m sure someone can name
> a few others.
> There's some juvie material of a certain, much bigger species, and it is
> RIDICULOUSLY cute. Big eyes, little trainer horns... oh, but I shouldn't say
> anything because it is still hidden in a cabinet. Hopefully it is published
> soon, if for no other reason than the pictures! :)

"trainer horns"?  LOL!