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Rutger Jansma wrote:

<<Tailclubs have been found for Omeisaurus and Shunosaurus, the tailclub on
Mamenchisaurus is not actually preserved, but since it could be close to
Omeisaurus, it had the honour of receiving one too. Euhelopus is accordingly
to Sereno a related to the Titanosaurs and this seems probable enough for
me. Therefore the tailclub must be lacking and perhaps some body armor is
warranted on the animal when restoring it.>>

This is actually in doubt.  The Lower Shaximiao Formation (Xiashaximiao in older texts) has two medium sized sauropods, Omeisaurus and Shunosaurus.  There are tail clubs found physically attached to sub-adult Shunosaurus tails.  There are larger tail clubs found in the Lower Shaximiao that Dong Ximing has refered to Omeisaurus, even though none of them have actually been found attached to an Omeisaurus body.

The overlying Upper Shaximiao Formation (Shangshaximiao in older texts) also has two sauropods, Omeisaurus and Mamenchisaurus.  There has not been a single sauropod tail club found in the Upper Shaximiao.

An explanation that is more parsimonious with the available data is that the large tail clubs found in the Lower Shaximiao actually belong to fully adult specimens of Shunosaurus, and that Omeisaurus did not have tail clubs.

Pete Buchholz