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Alb. arctunguis (was RE: Theropod limbs - how mobile?)

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> David Marjanovic
> There's a contradiction, isn't there? -- Who mentioned PDW? *Albertosaurus
> arctunguis* and *A. megagracilis* (aka *Dinotyrannus*) are now considered
> young *T. rex*. While many parts of PDW do still hold, 1988 was 14 years
> ago. :-)

Just a correction: _A. arctunguis_ is considered a junior synonym of _A.
sarcophagus_, NOT _T. rex_.

Also, let's just say that some very, very comprehensive work on growth
patterns in tyrannosaurids, addressing (among other things) arm length will
be published sometime this year (I think: could be early 2003).

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