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RE: Large man-sized KT dromies

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> no go
> All said and done, "The
> Ultimate Guide:
> T.rex" is almost certainly a more informative and scientific piece of
> documentry production then what I just witnessed.

Except of course for a certain UMd tyrannosaur worker who had scenes cut out
at the last minute and his name misspelled in the credits...  Grrr....

But I'm not bitter...

> Now with my whimsical grumblings on the grave "injustice" done to our
> theropod friend done, I shall now ask my question. In the final
> scene where
> they showed a "mean and stinky" T.rex chasing other predators
> from a kill,
> which no doubt happened quite often, the predators in this case
> appeared to
> be man-sized dromies. I am not too clear on this, but aren't the dromies
> that existed in T.rexes' time quite a bit smaller then that? Or were they
> beefed up to make the idea of killing a 5-ton Triceratops feasible? Am I
> missing something?

You are not missing anything.  There are as yet no large dromaeosaurs known
from Lancian (Hell Creek, Lance, Scollard, etc.) formations.  They were pure

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