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Re: Theropods/pterosaurs -- pollinators?

Another point of contention is that there may not have been any insect eating pterosaurs by the end of the Cretaceous (perhaps outcompeted by birds?). If there were, one might have expected to see some survive past the K-T boundary, as many small insect-eating forms seem to have done.
Maybe the Cenomanian-Turonian or an earlier 3rd grade mass extinction (Aptian-Albian???) did in the anurognathids? (Just speculating, of course, as 2 Barremian fossils won't tell us that.) I wouldn't say many small insect-eating forms survived the K-T -- almost no birds and almost no mammals survived, it seems.
        Why can't I think of any really small adult pterosaurs except Anurognathidae? ~:-|