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Re: Large man-sized KT dromies

From: "Jordan Mallon" <j_mallon@hotmail.com>
Reply-To: j_mallon@hotmail.com
To: dinosaur@usc.edu
Subject: Re: Large man-sized KT dromies
Date: Mon, 20 May 2002 00:12:42 -0400

From: "no go" <honkietong@hotmail.com>

Though the graphics and animation were great (despite
some rather disturbing behaviour of Edmontosaurus largely ignoring a
striding T.rex in their vicnity),

What's the matter with that? I've seen a number of documentaries and photos
which feature a lion or two walking amongst a whole slew of would-be prey.
But the animals don't feel threatened because the intruder's body language
isn't menacing. Simple as that.

Jordan Mallon

Of course, the T.rex in this case was making a heck of a racket and acting aggressively. Prehaps that scene was done to drive home the "point" that the duckbills had nothing to fear from an aggressively behaving 6-ton carnivore because they had seen the same documentry too and were assured that this animal, that had more gracile limb proportions then them and a gigantic maw capable of killing them in one bite, was just a "mean and stinky" obgilate scavenger that was only a threat to yet-discovered dromies (but they had to exist dingdarnit, or the entire hypothesis will fall apart) who had just made a fresh kill! Wait, they didn't have Discovery back then so it would be a moot point.

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