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Re: Large man-sized KT dromies

>If _Nanotyrannus_ is a valid taxon, it could.
Accordingly to a recent posted message on the web, Chicago post or something
by Paul Sereno:

"Last year the students recovered a fossil of a big meat eater they first
thought was a Tyrannosaurus rex. But as preparators bring the bone out of
the surrounding rock in Sereno's lab, it appears to be something even

"It is definitely a tyrannosaurid," said Sereno, "but it is too mature and
too small to be a Tyrannosaurus rex. It appears to be a new species, a great
treasure. It was an incredible thrill to dig this out with these kids. Some
of the kids are helping now with the preparation of the fossil."

It could be Nanotyrannus you know, making it pretty valid.
>If the bigass oviraptorosaur was a predator, it might concievably taken
>at least mid-sized prey (young ceratopsids, thescelosaurs, etc.).
Is this the Triebold Chironestes sp. ?
>Otherwise, any large non-_T. rex_ terrestrial predator in Lancian sediments
>has slipped under our taphonomic radar, at least so far.
Bad luck... :(