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You wrote:

>Ben Creisler reported...

> New species of Pachycephalosaurus from Alberta:
> http://www.canada.com/edmonton/story.asp?id={E3DEABE4-EF6F-
> 40BE-AC1A-C77B3C0AB006}

>Ben made a freudian slip... this is the Pipestone Creek
>_Pachyrhinosaurus_, not _Pachycephalosaurus_.

Fam Jansma wrote:

Haven't "unicorn"-horned Pachyrhinosaurus been known for some years now?<<

A little more than 10 years (I think). Darren Tanke of the Royal Tyrell
Museum found (I think he did) the specimens. He has been working on it off
and on from that time. He wrote to me and explained what was found and I did
a quick drawing of it. He corrected the drawing and I did several of them
for him.

>>There is an illustration of a Pachyrhinosaurus skull in the Dinosauria
showed this element from Lull 1933, so there is nothing "new" about it.<<

What? I checked the Dinosauria and couldn't find the drawing, could you help
me so I can find it? Pachyrhinosaurus was named in 1950, not by Lull in
1933. The Pipestone Creek Pachyrhinosaurus IS different than any known
Ceratopian and from the previously known Pachyrhinosaurus (from the
Drumheller area and doesn't really look that much like it's more northern
cousin). I have no reverence to the Lull, 1933 specimen that the Dinosauria
is revering to and would like to know which one it is.

>> Why consider it a new species all of a sudden? Pachyrhinosaurus is not
known from that many specimens so variation with sexes is as yet
undetermined for

It's positively different. Also, Centrosaurus nasicornis and Styracosaurus
are different genera. There are bone beds of both animals from Dinosaur
Provincial Park (Though the Styracosaurus bonebed hasn't been described yet,
actually in a thesis that I should get this year). I've been to both bone
beds (In fact if any of you out there remember the PaleoWorld with Darren
Tanke and yours truly :) walking around a pathological bone, then examining
it, that's the Styracosaurus bone bed).

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