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RE: Drawing tools (was: Re: How did you become "Paleo Artist?")

Jonathan wrote:

Thanks for the replies everyone. Now my next question is what kind of
writing instruments do you use? I seriously doubt a normal pencil can >give the level of detail I see in many artist's pencil drawings.

I use a number of different pencils. Lately my repertoire has consisted of mostly 4H, H, and 3B, which gives me a good range of shades. For coloured work, I use Prismacolors (and nothin' but!).
Which reminds me... does anyone know of any sort of on-line "how to's" or tutorials for wildlife illustration? I'm just looking for any sort of neat tricks-of-the-trade that I might not yet know about. Please respond off-list.

Jordan Mallon

AIM: jslice mallon

(PS: I love dinosaurs!!!)

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