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Re: Drawing tools (was: Re: How did you become "Paleo Artist?")

Hello all,

> Apologies to James and Jordan, but I feel bound to point out that
> anything beyond HB (2H 3H 4H etc.) is too hard. I only use 2B and softer
> (to 6B).
Pencil hardness is what the artist feels comfortable with. In California I
use a 3H-4H (for ME the B's are too soft and smear, I use the H's for both
my Dinosaurs and my Comic Book/Illustration work.) In FLorida, because of
the humidity, 4H is too hard so I use 2H. I used to use a mechanical pencil
with a .03 lead (or .3 I can't remeber now) now I use a drafting lead holder
a kneaded eraser and a vinyl eraser (one of those click pen things.) You
don't need to spend alot of money to get good supplies:)

> In fact, the softer your pencil is, the better. They are harder to draw
> with, but the effect is worth it. I would be very surprised to hear if
> any professional artists or illustrators use Hx pencils at all.

I beg to differ. Alot's in the paper. HP GSP uses special paper to get that
look. I prefer a plate bristol, very slick surface, at least 2 ply. Again
it's all up ot the artist and what he feels comfortable with:)

For colors I scan the completed pencils into the computer and my lovely wife
does her amazing work with photoshop 6.0.1. It's a team effort!