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RE: "Naked chicken" bred by Israeli geneticist

> For anyone interested in seeing this poor creature's anatomy on public
> display.... http://www.msnbc.com/news/754811.asp?0bl=-0

Yeah, yeah, that's all very impressive, I suppose.  BUT I'm still waiting
for someone to breed a chicken that has four drumsticks!!

> I have to admit that I find the image fascinating, although the purpose
> behing the genetic manipulation seems somewhat horrid....

I thought this would happen one day.  The Aztecs bred hairless dogs for the
table - without the benefit of gene research (AFAIK).  Why not featherless
chickens?  The Aussies already have self-shearing sheep.

I wouldn't call the project 'horrid' - after all (and I admit I'm not
familiar with the research) the researchers may simply have 'turned off' one
or two genes involved in making feathers.  No new genes, no transgenic

On a serious note... no mention on how the featherless* birds are protected
from sunburn.

* Or near-featherless.  Based on the illustration: there seems to be some
feathers on the thigh, tail and base of the neck.