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Re: Age of Archaeoceratops

Alessandro Marisa wrote-
> Dear ListMembers, I'm very grateful if someone could tell me the exact age of Archaeoceratops oshimai, in my data-file I've:
Archaeoceratops Dong, Azuma, 1997
A. oshimai Dong, Azuma, 1997
Occurrence: Xinminbao Group, Gongpoquan Basin of the Mazongshan Area, Gansu Province, China.
Period and age: early Cretaceous
But the early Cretaceous period include Barresian Valanginian, Hauterivian, Barremian (forming Neocomian), Aptian, and Albian, to which age corrispond the
> Xinminbao Group?
I recall seeing a paper indicating the Xinminbao Group is Barremian (as indicated in my Details on Nanshiungosaurus? bohlini post), but I can't find the reference at this time.
Mickey Mortimer