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Re: Drawing tools (was: Re: How did you become "Paleo Artist?")

I will throw my 2 bits worth in here as well and side with Jim C, as I
routinely use
2H and higher and almost never anything softer. Harder lead lends itself to
keeps a point longer, doesn't smudge nearly as much and has less "sheen" to
While the B+ range lends itself to softer, impressionistic rendering, it's
harder to
"control" on slicker surfaces ( hot pressed illustration board, etc. . .)
and as far as
art college goes, it was an "interesting" experience, but most of what I've
and learned concerning technique and so on , happened well AFTER I left.

Mike Skrepnick

> You may well be right.  I've never been offered more than $1250.00 for one
> my pencil sketches, so they're probably not all that good.  However, they
> suffice for my purposes with 2H & #2.
> JimC
> John Conway wrote:
> > Apologies to James and Jordan, but I feel bound to point out that
> > anything beyond HB (2H 3H 4H etc.) is too hard. I only use 2B and softer
> > (to 6B).