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2001 theropod dissertation

Emily J. Rayfield, 2001. Cranial form and function in a large theropod dinosaur: a study using Finite Element Analysis. Ph.D. dissertation, University of Cambridge, 300pp.
An abstract overview of the dissertation was published by Emily in 2001: Functional morphology of the skull of Allosaurus fragilis: a study using the Finite Element method. Journal of Morphology 248(3):274
In 1998, 1999, and 2000, to be sure, she published three abstracts derived from her ongoing research, and, in 2001, collaborated with David Norman, Jack Horner, Paul Upchurch et al. in a fine Nature paper predicated upon her analyses. The latter was the subject of a tepid critique by T.H. Frazzetta and Kenneth Kardong, and thorough rebuttal by Rayfield/Norman/Upchurch, in the 28 March 2002 Nature.
She has more papers-in-progress on her fascinating extrapolations of the actual (not imagined) weakness of allosaur mandibles and relative strength of the premaxilla/maxilla complex.