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Re: Drawing tools

This is the last post to the DML I am doing to make on this subject. Feel free to send the hate-mail off-list. :-)

Let me make this clear, hard pencils can produce good effects in the hands of experienced artists, but I think soft pencils will always do better.

The big advantage of soft pencils (apart from the beautiful natural textures they produce) is that they are dark enough to be reproduced without substantial brightness/contrast correction. Reproduction is obviously very important in palaeoart.

Soft pencils are fine for detailed work, they just have to be sharpened more often. The following drawing was done with 3 - 6Bs, and is as detailed as any hard-pencil work I have seen:


(Watch out, it's quite big, to show off the detail.)

I have said all I can, on and off-list. I am all alone, and I am exhausted. I can see myself now; hopelessly tying to fend off you horrid hard-pencil freaks; my beautiful soft pencils crumbling on your thick reptilian hides, while you stab me to death with your cold, hard, heartless drawing sticks. :-)

John Conway, Palaeoartist

"All art is quite useless." - Oscar Wilde

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