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Re: Josh Smith's Egyptian Dinosaurs on A&E

Quoting MKIRKALDY@aol.com:

> A&E announced its 2002-2003 programming today:
>        THE LOST DINOSAURS OF EGYPT: The first in a series of
> specials with Cosmos Studios. Nearly 90 years ago, a German
> scientistdiscovered several species of dinosaur bones in the
> Egyptian desert. 
>        Now, a group of young American paleontologists from the
> University of Pennsylvania have rediscovered the site and have made
> startling new discoveries. A&E follows them on their daring
> expedition as they unearth what is believed to be a new species of
> dinosaur and one of the largest beasts to walk the earth.
> _____
> Mary
Yes, I guess it is finally going to happen.  The date is supposed to be 
7 October 2002 at 9pm EST.  THIS ought to be interesting.  I just 
finished checking out what is supposed to be the final version for the 
foreign markets and I am still finding things that are technically 
wrong; points that we have been trying to get them to change for 
MONTHS...sigh.  I think it is going to be a nice overview of how an 
exploratory season in that part of the world might be run and documents 
pretty well the tremendous pressure we were under.  Since I guess it is 
too much to hope that this crowd would have something better to do on a 
Monday night then watch yet another dinosaur documentary, at least I can 
request that everyone have a nice stiff drink beforehand (we begged and 
pleaded with them to get rid of the camel scene, we really did!).


Josh Smith
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