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RE: Styracosaurus ovatus (was RE: OMEISAUR CLUBS, PACHYRHINOSAUR)

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Subject: Styracosaurus ovatus (was RE: OMEISAUR CLUBS, PACHYRHINOSAUR)

Rutger Jansma wrote:

> Has there been any news regarding the other species of Styracosaurus,
> S. ovatus? Is it any diagnostic? Last thing I've heard was
> that it was based on partial skulls that seem to have had two pair of
> frill spikes instead of the usual three pair.

In that case, _S. ovatus_ (based on fragmentary frill material) may be the
same as _Einiosaurus_ or _Achelosaurus_, which also come from the Two
Medicine Formation and have two pairs of parietal spikes.


S. ovatus has a way different frill than either Einosaurus or Archelosaurus.
Not to mention the size difference between them, S. ovatus is a very large
individual. But there are new undescribed ceratopians from Montana/Canada
and around the border that may clarify this species up in the near future.

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