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Re: Vestigial Arms

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>From: "Dann Pigdon" <dannj@alphalink.com.au>
>Sent: Sunday, May 19, 2002 3:09 AM
>> My guess is that most large theropods probably employed a similar>> off, and 
>> assess the situation.
>> strategy to komodo monitors and some snakes: take a quick bite, back

>Can take quite some time, see below.
>> A well aimed bite could cripple an animal, of not kill it outright.
>A less well aimed bite would require a second bite, and that the prey be
>hold in the meantime.
>> If it survived the initial hit, the predator can follow the wounded
>> animal until it weakens to the point of offering no resistence.
>Komodo monitors can follow their prey that way for _15 days_. I don't think
>an endothermic tyrannosaur could do that, could it?


Ah, but since endothermy (sensu Bakker, Paul and most other advocates) is far 
from proven in any dinosaur, it remains a possibility.

Besides, following the "one that got away" is hardly the norm for Komodo 


>Stephen J. Gould's death is quite a loss indeed. He's still needed.

Ectoparasite: external parasites. Some common ectoparasites include: ticks, 
mites & personal injury attorneys.

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