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Re: Drawning Tools...

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>>Hello gang,

Although I do not draw a lot anymore, just thought I'd chip in with my 
experiences when it comes to that.

In my experience the use of paper and lead is dependent on the idea you have 
for the image. I have used all sorts and will use all sorts to achieve the look 
I want for the picture. Even mix it up (difficult with paper, though :-). If I 
want a lively feel
I will use softer lead (up to 12B). If I need sharp lines I will use 4H or 
higher. Sometimes I use the damage it leaves in the paper: erase the H-lead and 
redraw the line with a softer lead. Gives a weird, sometimes usefull, look.
Same for paper: depending on the picture you have in mind you will choose the 
Just an account of my past experience (although I have taken up the ol' lead 
instead of the mouse a few times the last few months). In short: my vision of 
the drawing decides what lead and paper I will use.
I guess we all approach things different and that is good!
Maybe I should take up the ol' lead and paper more often: discussions like this 
make me wanna draw again...


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