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RE: Josh Smith's Egyptian Dinosaurs on A&E

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Quoting MKIRKALDY@aol.com:

> In a message dated Tue, 21 May 2002 10:52:19 AM Eastern Daylight
> Time, Josh Smith <smithjb@sas.upenn.edu> writes:
> < Yes, I guess it is finally going to happen.  The date is
> supposed to be 7 October 2002 at 9pm EST.  THIS ought to be
> interesting. > (SNIP)
> < pretty well the tremendous pressure we were under.  Since I
> guess it is too much to hope that this crowd would have
> something better to do on a Monday night then watch yet another
> dinosaur documentary, at least I can request that everyone have
> a nice stiff drink beforehand (we begged and pleaded with them
> to get rid of the camel scene, we really did!).>
> Those who are going early to SVP (which starts that Wednesday,
> October 9) might want to watch it in the bar, perhaps with
> commentary from Josh Smith.
> Mary

Yeah, I am sure I will have GREAT, stimulating commentary.  Uuh...well
yeah, that was me on that camel.  Uhm...yeah, I really was angry in that
scene.  I also expect that because of all of this crap, I am likely
going to be late to SVP.


Josh Smith

So, this would be different from any other day how? :)

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