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Re: Large man-sized KT dromies

Jordan Mallon wrote:
> >From: "no go" <honkietong@hotmail.com>
> >Though the graphics and animation were great (despite
> >some rather disturbing behaviour of Edmontosaurus largely ignoring a
> >striding T.rex in their vicnity),
> What's the matter with that?  I've seen a number of documentaries and photos
> which feature a lion or two walking amongst a whole slew of would-be prey.
> But the animals don't feel threatened because the intruder's body language
> isn't menacing.

Yep. It's the predator you CAN'T see that is the threat. If it strides
about in plain sight, the chances of it being on a hunting mission are
remote. One way the native Americans hunted bison before horses were
available was to dress in wolf skins and crawl towards the herd. As long
as they weren't exhibiting classic wolf stalking behaviour, the bisons
seemed to let them get close enough to shoot arrows.


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