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Re: Cuteness

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From: "Larry Dunn" <saurosuchus@yahoo.com>
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Sent: Monday, May 20, 2002 1:19 PM
Subject: Re: Cuteness

> --- Jura <archosaur@reptilis.net> wrote:
> I think we are imposing our own biological imperatives
> on other species in this case.
> We see certain physical characteristics with warm
> regard because they are similar to characteristics of
> our own young.  Our emotions about our young are
> presumably tied to the very real need to provide care
> for our young for a very long time.
> Not to say that there were no emotions in dinosaurs
> regarding their young, but human preceptions of baby
> appearance probably wasn't much of a part of it.
> Young alligators, who receive care from adult
> alligators, aren't really all that different in
> appearance than, say, certain young lizards.  Is a
> baby croc really that much "cuter" than a baby gecko?

I personally find baby crocodilians quite cute with their bold colors, big
eyes, short snouts and hight pitched calls.  However, I haven't seen many
picures of many baby lizards.

Another thing that should be noted about child care in animals are the
various Insects and other Arthropods who take care of their young.  In most
cases the young are identical to the parents aside from size.  Thus parental
care is clearly not dependant on "juvenile" characteristics.  However I
still think it could be an indicator.
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