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RE: Vestigial Arms (was: Theropod limbs - how mobile?)

On Wed, 22 May 2002 17:47:30  
 Jura wrote:
>Do we have enough associated tyrannosaur forelimb material (i.e. with a 
>skeleton that we can get some decent measurments off of) to determine if there 
>might have been sexual dimorphism there?

Well, probably not (at least not enough for a good sample).  But, I believe 
that Carpenter (in his Dinosaur Systematics paper) outlined a general 
robust/gracile dichotomy in _Tyrannosaurus_ humeri.  Pete Larson seconds this 
hypothesis in his latest book (which I was lucky enough to recieve an advanced 
copy of).  However, he presents no real evidence for it, but only cites 
Carpenter's work and mentions that it "agrees" with his chevron hypothesis.  

Plus, we have to remember that humeri are some of the rarer _Tyrannosaurus_ 
bones known.  Hopefully some of Horner's recent discoveries will consist of 
some humeral material.


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