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Re: Thylacine rumours...

>From my SKEPTIX member Barry Williams...

Forwarded from Rich Grenyer <r.grenyer@ic.ac.uk>)
>Title: Thylacine rumours...
>Hi all
> forgive what may look like a cross-posted troll, but I've
>been made aware on a number of mailing lists now that the Australian
>Museum of Natural History and the Discovery Channel have been issuing
>invitations to science journalists for a gathering on May 28th to make a
>major announcement regarding their thylacine program
> I'm guessing it's a funding go-ahead for the cloning attempt, but on the
>offchance that it's either a rediscovery or a cloning attempt 10 years
>ahead of schedule: I know there are a few TV/journo types here
> anyone know anything more?

I just emailed Mike Archer, Director of the Aus Mus to find out (and to
ask why I wasn't invited to the bun fight).   Will advise when I get a

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