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Re: Pachyrhinosaur nasal horn? (was RE: OMEISAUR CLUBS, PACHYRHINOSAUR)

From: Danvarner@aol.com

I recall seeing a photo of a dorsal view of a Styracosaurus skull that
appeared to have a small pit above each orbit. It may have been S.
albertensis and the pub may have been Lull, 1933. I was intrigued by >this and it reminded me of Pachyrhinosaurus. Has anyone noticed this >or is it failng memory on my part?

No, it's very much a common occurence in ceratopsids, in fact (another example is seen in the type skull of _Chasmosaurus irvinensis_). I was talking to Dr. Holmes about this while I was working in the CMN collections just last week. It seems, he mentioned, that as these dinosaurs grew older, they had a tenency to 'resorb' their horn cores. Neither of us could come up with an explanation as to why, however.

Jordan Mallon

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