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RE: Pachyrhinosaur nasal horn? (was RE: OMEISAUR CLUBS, PACHYRHINOSAUR)

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Subject: Re: Pachyrhinosaur nasal horn? (was RE: OMEISAUR CLUBS,

       I recall seeing a photo of a dorsal view of a Styracosaurus skull
appeared to have a small pit above each orbit. It may have been S.
albertensis and the pub may have been Lull, 1933. I was intrigued by this
it reminded me of Pachyrhinosaurus. Has anyone noticed this or is it failng
memory on my part?<<
I'm not sure if it has been mentioned on the list before or not. I think I
may have years ago. This isn't a recent observation. Several if not all
Centrosaurines have this. This is the 'sinus' cavity and in Triceratops is
has completely overgrown and is covered. I believe Scott Sampson has done a
recent paper on it.

      >> I'm not necessarily saying horns were there, I add hastily. Just
curious. I'd send Tracy some of my blood pressure pills if they weren't so
damn expensive! DV<<

I think I'm getting a better HANDLE (er, sooorrry) handle on that proBLEM!!!

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