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Where be the name of Oviraptorosauria? (was Re: Benton et al.'s Supertree)

Mike Keesey wrote:
Personally, I feel a definition between those
two extremes might be better: something along
the lines of Clade(_Oviraptor philoceratops_ <- _Vultur gryphus_, _Therizinosaurus cheloniformis_)
(maybe with more external specifiers).

I went for awhile forgetting that was a suggested definition. Then I remembered it was last week when I was reading GS Paul's new book. That reminds me of this. DOTA text mentions a clade called the 'Oviraptoromorpha'. I'm picking up little hints that this is supposed to be for the caudipterygians and the oviraptorosaurs. Could this be possibly used as the name for that clade? Unless of course, Paul had other ideas...

Then the strict definition could be used for _Caenagnathoidea_ and the broad definition for
_Enigmosauria_ (or Aenigmosauria or whatever).
Or something like that.

At the risk of sounding like Kinman, I personally could stand 'Caenagnathiformes' for the Clade(Oviraptor < Passer, Therizinosaurus). But then again, I think Oviraptoromorpha sounds better. Or maybe a clade could be named that would note that Caenagnathus was synonymized with Chirostenotes. The only name that mentions Chirostenotes is Buchholz's 1996 DML 'Chirostenotidae'. Why Vultur instead of Passer? Who did that?


Nick Gardner

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