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Re: Calvin and Hobbes Dinosaurs

In response to Raymond Ancog's request for Calvin and Hobbes dinosaur
cartoons, I offer the following:

Go to <www.ultranet.com/dtweed/calvin/index2.htm>.  Then write "dinosaur"
into the "Search" box.  This will give you links to Bill Watterson's Calvin
and Hobbes dinosaur comic works, displaying, if you like, 3 cartoons per

If you click on the blue date above the comic, you will get a page with all
the Calvin and Hobbes cartoons that were published in newspapers that week.
Finally, if you want to own an official acid-free archival enlarged
reproduction of the comic of your choice, just click on the cartoon for
ordering information.  A black and white strip runs about $55; a color page
about $65.  These are offered by the Universal Press Syndicate, so nobody is
ripping off Bill Watterson.

And, yes, these are cartoons, and so are not technically scientific in
nature, but they can indeed be useful ice breakers when introducing
paleontology to people.  For instance, _The Complete Dinosaur_ opens with a
two page spread of Calvin and Hobbes.  I doubt anyone complained about it.

Most importantly, Watterson's later dinosaur cartoons are not mere flights
of fancy; the dinosaurs and other prehistoric beasts are so accurately
rendered that they have won the approval of Gregory S. Paul (and, no doubt,
many other paleolife artists as well).  Watterson obviously did his


---------Ralph W. Miller III