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Re: Hell Creek

On Wed, 29 May 2002 11:25:10  
 Buckaroobwana wrote:
>Greetings all,
>Has anybody on-list managed to get a look at the new issue of Discover? 
>There's a facinating article about Jack Horner's work at Hell Creek. The team 
>is studying the last 3 million years or so of the formation to determine 
>environmental changes(among other things). Anybody have any thoughts?

Check the archives.  I, along with a few other listmembers, voiced opinions on 
this article a few weeks ago.  Basically, it's nothing very new.  There is some 
evidence that the Western Interior Seaway was transgressing and regressing 
later than once thought, and that this possibly affected faunas.  

There is also some evidence that the dinosaurian fauna was changing during the 
Late Cretaceous, but, of course, even if true, this represents only one 
localized fauna and doesn't necessarily say anything about the overall 
extinction of the dinosaurs.  Plus, we must remember that there were many small 
"mini-extinctions" throughout the Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous.  If 
faunas were declining during the end of the Cretaceous, and if indeed these 
declines were worldwide and not local, they may have just been another 
mini-event.  We must be careful not to extrapolate too far from limited data 
from one site.


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