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Re: Hell Creek -- new research underway

     For those interested: James Carey -- who, in 2001, released with Justin Adams a most interesting paper on parental care being a preadaptive role in the survival of certain dinosaurs of the K/T event(s) -- is in the process of researching a massive overview of the K/T extinctions. His questions: how/why did certain taxa survive, others die, and what were the ecological consequences vis-a-vis biotic recovery? A massive dust-cloud, changing sea levels and water current temperatures, etc. are partial scenarios, familiar to those of us who do not move lips when reading.  Even the Alvarez team stopped short of investigating what happened in the days/months/years following the K/T bollide impact. That the taxa in what is now North America died from the impact of the equivalence of a megatonne bomb is without question...but, did this impact kill t! he! ! dinosaurs elsewhere on the planet, and, if so, why/how? Some life forms were not affected at all, it would appear -- again, why?