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Re: Hell Creek (long)

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From: "Steve Brusatte" <dinoland@lycos.com>
Sent: Friday, May 31, 2002 2:09 AM

> Give me similar studies at, oh, say sites in Europe, Asia, and South
America, and then I will be more convinced of a gradual extinction.  If only
that could happen...

... and why should the dinos die out gradually when the marine and pollen
extinctions worldwide were catastrophic? :-)

> I don't know if dinosaurs were any more prolific than any other egg-laying
species.  Sure, some broods appear to be large, but the same is seen in many

Lizards suffered considerably, I forgot. In the Hell Creek 30 % of their
species died out last time I read (some years ago).

> BTW, the ref should be David Weishampel and Luther Young, Dinosaurs of the
East Coast, Johns Hopkins University Press. :-)  Gallagher was actually the
paleontologist who did the work that the two authors mention.  There are
several refs relating to Gallagher's studies cited in the back of the book,
including his Ph.D. thesis.

:-] I see. Thanks for the ref, the journal is pretty certainly unavailable