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In 1991 Mark Norell and Kevin de Queiroz named the 
iguanine _Armandisaurus explorator_ after Jacques 
Gauthier. In 2000 Gao Keqin and Mark Norell named the 
scincomorph _Hymenosaurus clarki_ after Jim Clark; 
Buckley et al. in 2000 also named _Simosuchus clarki_. 

Some of you may recall me asking whether a reptile had 
even been named after Mike Benton. Well, the new 
procolophonid _Kapes bentoni_ was named by Spencer and 
Storrs this year in..

Spencer, P. S. & Storrs, G. W. 2002. A re-evaluation of 
small tetrapods from the Middle Triassic Otter Sandstone 
Formation of Devon, England. _Palaeontology_ 45, 447-

_K. bentoni_ is not actually 'new' as it has been reported as 
an undetermined procolophonid since 1983, but obviously it 
has only just been named.

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