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Re: Hell Creek (long)

Ok....... Call me Ozzy...... You know that one song of his on his "Down to Earth Album" entitled "Dreamer"???.. Well...... I guess one can go right ahead and follow through with Mr. David Marjanovic's very first comment:

Are you sure it isn't a dream instead? :-)

Apparently yes...... They were not thoughts....... They were dreams.

When asked to give references on things that I purposely glazed over in the name of saving time and space ..... things that by all accounts have either been mentioned on the DML numerous times and/or are found in the literature for which the person asking for the references has undoubtedly read...... And when my literary license falls under attack i.e.: "shockwaves"..... And when my generalizations are frowned upon i.e.: "3 mm"...... I know that my passing comments have caused me to overstep my bounds and drift into territory for which I have no real business being in....... Being told I'm wrong is one thing.... Being told I'm wrong with a smirk is an entirely different ball game all together. :-)

No, I do not know all the "facts"..... Yes, I'm obviously in error on things said..... No, my interpretations of the "evidence" are not the same......Yes I obviously need to do more research on the subject...

By the way..... That "No 'Darkness at Noon' To Do in the Dinosaurs?" article was in Science.... Not Nature.... But wow... I'm sure you already knew that. :-o

In the "little" I apparently know.... What I see is that there is indeed evidence for an extintion/impact correlation..... But I do not see a relationship of extinction/impact causation...... Caution in equating correlation with causation is the message I was trying to send.

I guess one can say, that as with all things.... Only time will tell.

Apparently, some are pretty damn sure of themselves when it comes to an extinction/impact correlation and causation.... I, on the other hand, rather like something that Planetary Physicist Kevin Zahnle of NASA's Ames Research Center in Mountain View, California had to say in his "No Darkness at Noon" article:

"Everyone has their own favorite mechanism. We don't know the facts, so you operate from your intuition."

Now I am going to respectfully run away from this as fast as I can before I'm told again that something I casually remarked about without ever thinking "Darwin" is a totally out of place misquote of Darwin and that they hate it....