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Re: Hell Creek (long)

On Fri, 31 May 2002 Danvarner@aol.com wrote:

> << Is that a total of two wold-wide places? >>
>        No, just two good examples. I thought I made that clear.

You did.  My bad.

>  << And, without trying to be a smarty pants, if there are just sharks teeth 
> does that mean that all other sea life became extinct? >>
>        Of course not. But considering the abundance of mosasaurs up to the 
> K/T, their absence is very telling. The WIS simply swarmed with them. They 
> are extremely common fossil below it in North and South Dakota. Their sturdy 
> verts are everywhere, then nothing. DV

As people a wont to do re dino disappearance from Hell Creek: isn't this
just a local extinction.  I mean, there are probably plenty of places
sharks visit that mosasaurs don't.  And, just to make sure I
understand--before the K/T there were what, sharks, mosasaurs, teleosts,
echinoderms...and after the K/T--in this location--sharks only?  Or do you
mean that there are plenty of other things _but among large verts_ sharks