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Re: Hell Creek (long)

On Fri, 31 May 2002, Rob Gay wrote:

>  Probably wouldn't even matter if there was, because in intertrappean
deposits, we find dinosaur eggshell, teeth, bones, etc., indicating that
the local population near the Traps wasn't even badly affected. They keep
hanging around in those deposits until the KT...none after, even there.
> Peace,

As mentioned in the archives, the iridium layer in India is not indicative
of K/T boundary--i.e., the spike is _before_ extinction: "...profuse
occurrence of (non-reworked) theropod eggshells...in beds overlying the
iridium-enriched levels.  
Bajpai, S. and GVR Prasad.  2000 Cret. age for Ir-rich Deccan
intertrappean deposits: palaeontological evidence from Anjar, western
India.  J. of the Geol. Soc., London Vol 157 pp. 257-260.