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RE: Hell Creek (long)

John Bois wrote:

> As mentioned in the archives, the iridium layer in India is not
> indicative of K/T boundary--i.e., the spike is _before_ 
> extinction: "...profuse occurrence of (non-reworked) theropod 
> eggshells...in beds overlying the iridium-enriched levels.  
> Bajpai, S. and GVR Prasad.  2000 Cret. age for Ir-rich Deccan
> intertrappean deposits: palaeontological evidence from Anjar, western
> India.  J. of the Geol. Soc., London Vol 157 pp. 257-260.

These eggshell fragments are all of the 'ornithoid' type, correct?  I
haven't read the paper - so this maybe an extremely stupid question - but
can you rule out the possibility that these eggshells came from ratites or
some other type of bird?



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