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Poposaur stance

For all those pseudosuchian inclined folks on the list,
I have a question about the stance of poposaurs such as _Postosuchus_. Did they 
achieve their erect stance by rearranging their femur like dinosaurs and 
crocodyliformes, or did they achieve it by rearranging their hips like other 
rauisuchians? I know that both forms evolved in rauisuchia, and I'm figuring 
the former happened based off of the closer relatedness of poposaurs to 
crocodyliformes, but I can't find any readily available articles on it 
(certainly not any that wouldn't require a few weeks in ILL limbo).

Any validation one way or the other, would be appreciated.

Oh, and while I'm on it, has there been any movement towards making 
crocodylatarsi the official name for pseudosuchia?