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sinopterus cladistically

David Peters wrote:

> If you consider the whole body, then Quetzalcoatlus would probably win
> the short legs contest, which is really strange to think about when
> you're considering how "long" the Q. femur and tibia are all by
> themselves.

We had to mess about with the leg length problem when we projected long
bone lengths up from Qsp to Qn for the big Qn skeletal replicas.  We
chose to use a hindlimb length that allowed the torso to assume a
similar terrestrial posture to that of the smaller animal.  Even though
we would expect a different femur/tibia length ratio in Qsp and Qn, we
kept the same f/t ratio as Qsp in order to make it obvious to others
what we had done. Re the short leggedness in Q relative to the body, I
don't see them as being all that short.  The average distance from the
notarium socket to the acetabulum in the Qsp specimens is only about
12.25 inches (31.1 cm).  The legs are pretty long relative to that
dimension and when an assembled Qsp skeleton is placed into quadrupedal
terrestrial position, the posture is pretty typical.