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RE: So many tyrannosaur questions, so little time

> From: Tim Donovan [mailto:msdonovan66@hotmail.com]
> >First of all, where is your data for the "better environment" in North
> >America?  The Nemegt has been interpreted as an Okavango-like delta, and
> >the
> >Okavango is one of THE best spots for large-bodied animals in
> Africa today.
>    But Asia seems generally drier, even in Nemegtian times; Barungoyotin
> beds sometimes "interfinger" with those of the Nemegt.

Of course the Barungoyot does!  That is the model: the deltaic system
representing the Nemegt emptying into the deserts of the Barun Goyot.  That
doesn't make the immediate environment of the Nemegt dry.

> >For that matter, the Campanian E. regalis is bigger than Maastrichtian E.
> >annectens (based on an admittedly small sample size of the former).
> >Therefore we have evidence of at least one case for hadrosaurids
> that does
> >not show the largest species last.
>    IIRC, it has been suggested that E. regalis, which also occurs in the
> Hell Creek, is the adult or larger sex, annectens the smaller.

The Lancian reports of "E. regalis" are apparently mistaken.  As for sexual
dimorphism as an explanation: we'll have to wait and see.

> > >   Unfortunately it lacks datable materials, even if the other
> svitas and
> > > gorizonts have them. Biostratigraphy must play a big role.
> >
> >Biostratigraphy, yes.  Dinosaur biostratigraphy, NO!  To do such gets you
> >(again) into a circularity argument.
> >
> >Furthermore, what makes  you think that the units *lack* datable
> materials?
>    I meant only the Nemegt.

Which also may indeed have datable material.  Just because the dating work
HASN'T been done doesn't mean that it CAN'T be.

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