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Re: Using "P" in a Cladistic Engine

I started using doing that after that conversation we (Jaime and I) had awhile back offlist. Recently, I learned how important it really was. While searching on the internet for more efficient phylogeny programs (haven't found a free one better than PHYLIP yet, though), I came across a Nexus Data File Editor. It's much easier to code using these since you can see what character you are coding for on-screen. Just for kicks, I ran the characters and taxa from the chapter Holtz wrote for Dinosaurs: A Time and Place (pp. 31-38) after HP Tom Holtz sent it to me offlist, thanks again. =) I need to code caenagnathoids as a polymorphic for 7 and I decided to try both ways. You can recover less polytomies by using the more precise codings of (01) as opposed to (p).


PS, I realize that the "analysis" on pp. 33 is not neccessarily comprehensive enough to appropriately test the interrelationships of avetheropods. ^_^

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