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Replica Fossils

Hi All,

I'm one of those (mostly) silent members...but I'm a big fan of the mailing
list. A geologist friend and I run Prehistoric Planet, an educational
outreach and replica fossils outlet. If you haven't been by the site, please
check it out:


And for the holidays, I'd like to offer everyone in the group an exclusive
special of 10% off any order of $20 or more from our online store. Just type
the code "dinolist" on the checkout form. (You'll still see the regular
price total on the checkout form--disregard it.)

We can aquire almost any replica fossil available today from tiny trilobites
to enormous, life-size dinosaur skeletons. Check out the Prehistoric Planet
Store for more information:


Take care,
Dave Board

PS Holiday specials are now online, too: